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Learn how to Use It's Good to Be Queen as a Bible Study

Queen of Sheba Crown Jewels!

Tantalizing reports blow across the Arabian Desert like the fragrance of cinnamon on the night wind. One man's name is on every man's lips: Solomon.

He is indeed a king, but what is that to me? I am a queen in my own right, sovereign over the land of Sheba. I have lived long enough to know a crown means nothing unless the head wearing it is filled with wisdom and good judgment.

My traders tell me King Solomon of Israel is worthy of his throne. He rules his people with words rather than weapons. He surrounds himself with royal daughters from many countries. And when he speaks, his words are carved on clay tablets, then fired in the hottest oven, ensuring Solomon's wisdom will outlive him.

Travelers bring me his sayings, written on their hearts. I confess, the man intrigues me. How has he learned these truths? Who is his teacher? His father, David, was not only a warrior and a king; he was also a poet, a writer of many words. But Solomon's chroniclers say he surpasses David in wisdom.

I should be intimidated by this sovereign from the north. Instead, the breadth of his knowledge inspires me.

A crescent moon hangs above my palace in Ma'rib as I smooth out a papyrus scroll. It is time I examined my own store of wisdom, plumbing the depths of all I have learned as queen.

Will my thoughts travel beyond the Sea of Reeds, as Solomon's have? None can say.

But if you choose to read them, that will more than suffice. And if I may test you with questions, so much the better.

Whenever we seek answers, we grow.

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